Technology and Solutions

Technology and Solutions

Conext Global aims to improve the effectiveness of the concrete sector by incorporating an exclusive AI& ML-based hardware solution. Our approach prioritizes efficiency, profitability, and environmental responsibility, using IoT sensors and a cutting-edge algorithm for precise quality control, through reducing uncertainties.

Our benefits

Our benefits

Empowering Quality Assurance through IoT Sensors and Data Collection

Cutting-edge IoT sensors on mixer trucks collect vital data like slump, temperature, and volume. This data flows to our cloud platform, offering valuable insights into concrete quality during transit. The integration of sensors and cloud analytics enhances the concrete transportation process.

Revolutionizing Concrete Quality with Cloud-based
AI Analytics

Our secure cloud-based AI and ML analytics platform receives data from IoT sensors on concrete mixer trucks. Our advanced algorithms analyze real-time sensor data, swiftly detecting deviations in concrete quality and suggesting corrective actions through powerful machine learning.

Optimizing Concrete Mix with Remote Water and Admixture Adjustment

Identified quality deviations trigger AI recommendations for water and admixture. Concrete plant operators remotely fine-tune mixer truck content through our user-friendly platform. Tailored to desired specifications, this adjustment ensures optimal strength and durability, enhancing control.

Escape reliance on manual testing with our technology.

Real-time data and ML insights grant control over the concrete mixing process. Adjustments driven by accurate recommendations guarantee uniform, excellent concrete quality, leaving uncertainty behindץ

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface for Concrete Innovation

Our ML solution harmonizes with existing concrete plant systems. Scalable to diverse facilities, the technology optimizes operations. Designed with concrete production challenges in mind, it streamlines processes while maintaining user-friendliness and customization.

Elevating Support and Advancement for Concrete Industry Transformation

Customer excellence drives us. AI algorithms evolve with input from partners, refining recommendations. Continuous improvement results in superior performance. Our dedicated support team accompanies you throughout implementation, ensuring seamless technology integration and application.

Experience the Future of Concrete Mixing:

Experience the Future of Concrete Mixing:

Our mission is to revolutionize the concrete industry by optimizing operational efficiency, minimizing CO2 emissions, and enhancing profitability of concrete companies through the implementation of real-time smart concrete monitoring.

Take Control of Your Concrete Mix Quality Today!

Join leading global concrete companies in taking advantage of our industry-transforming system. Our SAAS model allows you to start earning and saving from day one.